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Obituary for Randy Jeary

There will be no public viewing/visitation. Graveside services will be 11:00 AM, Saturday, Aug 13, 2022 at Resthaven Memory Gardens. Friends may leave condolences by visiting the memory wall section on his site.

A Brother's Tribute & Eulogy - A Celebration of Randy Jeary's Life
Many remember Randy's grin, his unique sense of humor and his unique style, all three which could put a smile on your face. Life on earth can have its ups and downs and for Randy, like us all, had both. Randy’s life was a bit harder than most with the way his mind ticked. Despite this, Randy was always very thoughtful to remember other people’s birthdays, anniversaries and had enjoyed honoring these special days with his personal cards and handwritten notes he gave to others. As ell, Randy had a knack for picking out special gifts for others such as a baby dress he either had handmade or bought from England for his niece, Brooke. Special touches such as these always brought back fond memories to remember when seeing special details Randy thought of such as that little dress. Always wearing the best, Randy's wardrobe was topnotch, from cuff links to latest suits from the finer places. He was always dressed to the nines. Randy invested many cherished years with his mom and dad on the Jeary Estate in Blanchard, Oklahoma. They each took great care of the each other, always helping the other become better people, feel more protected and creating countless smiles and times filled with laughter about the smallest things and happenstances. There are so many special memories of Randy’s unique fleet of cars. Throughout the years, Randy drove classic cars such as a Mercedes’ convertible, DeLorean, 1960 Eldorado Cadillac with its own hidden car bar inside and even a 1960s VW bus, fully lined with patchwork sample carpet along the inside, wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. Randy had a gentleman's heart and soul when his mind was not off track. He was well mannered and courteous, always sure to include “yes ma'am or yes sir” and “no ma'am or no sir”, diligent to always open doors for others, especially thoughtful to allow the ladies to go first and receive more. There were many happy vacations the family experienced when Randy and Tony were young kids that bring back many smiles and fond moments to reflect upon. Whether vacationing at the lake, riding mini-bikes, to catching fish at trout farms, Randy made each of these trips very memorable. One special memory was watching his father, Stanley jump into the water to grab Randy’s fish that had flipped off his line and was about to swim away just to make Randy happy. Randy’s homes were always meticulously neat and tidy, filled with such memorable items as antique China, old photographs, letters written to and from the Queen and colored glassware from all over the world. Randy had a contagious zest for life that I always admired. He was well read in many literatures, an avid history buff and worldly cultured man. Randy’s unique confidence to wear brightly colored clothes, handmade vests and even a fedora of two, was always an enjoyed expression of his personality. Randy LOVED people and enjoyed talking to folks through all walks of his life. He cared deeply for so many and was most devoted to family lineage, genealogy, ancestral study and research. He thrived on keeping distant relatives connected and linked to current life. Being a history buff at heart, Randy loved Washington D.C., government issues, current events and supported many different politicians over the years. Just a few days after Randy’s passing, his niece Brooke found out that her uncle Randy had called her college friend’s office on a weekly basis for two whole years just to make their day. That was my brother, Randy! He took great pride in our family name. He was very serious about the brand and reputation of the Jeary family namesake and it was always top and front of his mind and motivations. He wanted the best of everything and for everyone. Randy proudly displayed the Jeary family name on his cars with custom state license plates. Randy enjoyed going through countless photographs and reliving each of the moments, people and memories they captured. He meticulously framed and strategically these photographs on his walls, and framed and displayed some special photographs on his antique furniture and in several neatly organized albums. Randy was a collector! He started out collecting old antique glass candy jars and often times included antique silver, jewelry and even hand-sewn blankets….all mementos from our family ancestry. Today and every time we think of Randy, let’s remember the special Randy just as he is now described. Let’s celebrate his life, his uniqueness and remember the assurance that we know he is now a new being in Heaven and reunited with his wonderful parents, Stanley and Linda Jeary. Randy will be remembered as a strong Christian who prayed often, studied the Bible daily, attended hundreds and hundreds of worship services and he attended many having sometimes traveled far away to experience. Randy loved God with all his big heart and had a very close and personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. Randy always dreamed big, pursued his goals with such focus, diligence and perseverance, and he often would surprise even his own family with his ability to accomplish and pulled off many different feats with his sheer strong will and determination. Celebrate Randy’s life as we all will miss him.

Randall Mark “Randy” Jeary passed from this life Wednesday, July 27, 2022. He was born December 27, 1965 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the son of Stanley and Linda (Smalley) Jeary. A longtime member of the Southern Hills Baptist Church, Randy grew up in the Oklahoma City and earned a Bachelors Degree from Georgetown University. Many will remember him being funny, cheerful and a gentlemen with a unique curiosity. Randy had an eye for style, enjoyed history, reading and gardening. He remembered details, always sent special notes and cards, and he loved giving special gifts to people. Randy was preceded in death by his parents. Randy is survived by his brother, Tony Jeary & wife Tammy; nieces, Brooke Hawkins & husband Bret and Paige Mogg & husband Michael.